Sacrifices in the path of truth and justice

sheikh_ibrahim_el-zakzakyEver since man has been created, truth and justice continue being trampled time and again, all through the ages. During all times, there have been saints and men who refused to take the side of the oppressors and, in turn, they had to give sacrifices for being on the side of the truth and upholding principles of justice. In modern times, when nothing matters more than greater material benefits to self, and human life and values do not matter when it comes to selfish interests, world repeatedly sees those on the side of truth suffering for taking a stand. And the greatest perpetrators of cruelty and evil are at times those who are the most vociferous champions of humanity and its cherished values.

Times are such that lines are increasingly getting blurred between evil and good, between truth and untruth and between justice and injustice. Forces bent on creating One World Order demand that masses remain masses, with no independent mind, speaking and behaving in the manner their bosses demand. The media too, which proudly calls itself the Fourth Estate for upholding of truth and justice, is seen to be taking sides, either purportedly or under the influence of mass propaganda campaigns that are being carried out, which gives a shape to thoughts and curtails independent thinking.

No better example can be given in modern period than the Muslim cleric in remote African country of Nigeria. Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky has done no wrong; even the Nigerian army which has killed Sheikh Zakzaky’s four sons, wife and countless followers have not been able to put any blame on Sheikh Zakzaky, except that an army’s convoy couldn’t move ahead because Sheikh Zakzaky’s supporters were blocking the road, a claim denied by Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers. Consequently the Nigerian army, unleashed a terror attack, killing hundreds of Sheikh Zakzaky’s followers, and even killing his son and wife, before wounding Sheikh Zakzaky and taking him captive. The world remained a mute witness as Sheikh Zakzaky was confined to an unknown location.

Ironically, the army was supposed to fight Boko Haram, the most dreaded terrorist organization in the world, who now pledge allegiance to Daish. For many years, Nigeria and its surrounding regions have seen Boko Haram terrorists commit great atrocities on innocent people. Despite their so-called endeavours, Nigerian army has made little headway in wiping out Boko Haram, just as all the aerial attacks of United States and its allies in Syria and Iraq were doing little or no harm to Daish militants until Russia came in and changed the equations. Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers have been greatest opponents of Daish and Boko Haram but it is they who suffer both at the hands of Boko Haram as well as in the hands of Nigerian army. Obviously, games being played cannot be easily fathomed by common men, be it in Nigeria or be it in the Middle East where Daish is a sworn enemy of Israel but Daish terrorists, when wounded, are being treated in Israeli hospitals; Daish has till now killed innumerable Muslims and few Christians but their guns are yet to fire on Israeli targets. Instead, activities of Daish and Boko Haram till now are only furthering the agenda of creation of a Greater Israel.

Sheikh Zakzaky is a mass leader in Nigeria. His followers have rallied behind him and supported his stand against Israel’s atrocities in Palestine, the Saudi aggression in Yemen and the Daish concept of an Islamic state. His supporters have been under attack by Boko Haram terrorists in the past. If Nigerian army was really fighting Boko Haram, it should have tried to protect the most vocal critique of Boko Haram. Instead, it unleashed its forces against Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers.

Sheikh Zakzaky’s telephonic conversations have emerged wherein he is talking to a reporter at a time when army had surrounded him and were shelling mortars and gunfire on the house in which Sheikh Zakzaky, his family and supporters were confined. The utmost calm, patience and complete submission to God that is heard in the conversation depicts Sheikh Zakzaky’s spiritual loftiness. It is this spirituality that enables a person to distinguish between truth and untruth, justice and injustice, good and evil. It was because of this that Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers take a stand against injustice and evil being perpetuated, be it in Nigeria or elsewhere. Such people have always rallied for truth and supported principles of justice and human values in all times and ages. Those who care of nothing but material pursuits often see people like Sheikh Zakzaky as a stone in their path and try to suppress the voices speaking for truth and justice. It is no new phenomenon; Sheikh Zakzaky is just one more adherent to the cause of truth and righteousness who has already given several sacrifices in support of his cherished goals, as lot many champions of truthfulness have done so in the past.

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