Those who cared for one Malala are silent on thousands of other Malalas in other parts of the world

IMG-20150609-WA0015Near fatal attack on Malala Yousafzai by Talibans made her “an activist for female education” and she became the youngest ever Nobel prize laureate. She is today hailed for human rights advocacy for education and for women in her native Swat Valley in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of northwest Pakistan. Her advocacy, it is claimed, has since grown into an international movement.

But whose advocacy was this? Was Malala herself capable of advocating her views internationally or she was handpicked by some people in their war against Taliban?

However, Malala was fortunate to have escaped the attack on her life. There still are thousands of young girls, even younger than Malala was when she was attacked by Talibans, who are denied the right to live, leave the right to educate themselves.

Myanmar is clearly the worse of them all where thousands of young boys and girls are being killed with the world largely looking the other way. Education comes later, right to live is at stake.  The children are being butchered through most savage means but all the voices who come out loud even when one such case comes to light in any other part of the world are keeping mum at thousands of children being killed.

Not just Myanmar, al-Qaida backed militants in Syria who were being called rebels in Syria and those very arms and money supplied by the West in Iraq has led to thousands of civilians including children killed in the two countries and several school buildings damaged. It were majority of these rebels who formed ISIS. One Malala’s fight in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province is being highlighted whereas the world remained silent on the West’s misdoings in Syria and Iraq.

How many schools remain standing when the Israel bombed Palestine and relentlessly killed thousands of civilians including children? The same is happening now in Yemen where Saudi Arabia has continuously bombed the civilian places all over Yemen for several weeks now. The entire Western World is playing a puppet in the hands of Saudi Arabia with nearly no voices coming in opposition.

Who is responsible for brutal cold-blooded murder of children at all these places? Who is responsible for the school buildings being razed to ground? Americans are playing their dirty game at the expense of civilians in various countries. And NATO becomes active only where American interests are involved.

Where are the champions of morality and human rights? Where is the media that claims to be the voice of the oppressed and poor? The world is being taken to ransom by a few while the rest watches in silence.


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